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5TFA awards scholarships to Mount Abraham Union High School graduating seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the fine and performing arts. The Five Town Friends of the Arts Performing Arts Award was established to recognize a graduating high school senior who shows outstanding achievement in the performing arts of theater, dance, instrumental or vocal music. The Sandy Gullikson Visual Arts Award was established by Five Town Friends of the Arts in memory of a local artist and advocate for the arts and to recognize a graduating high school senior who shows outstanding achievement in the visual arts of painting, sculpture, drawing, jewelry design or photography.




Presented to a graduating Mt Abe senior or seniors who excelled in the fine arts during high school.

In 2004 the award was renamed to

The 5TFA Performing Arts Award


2004 - Carin Hoffman  Kyle Stetson

2005 - Molly McEachen  Emily Vigne

2006 - Ike Mulqueen-Duquette  Marie Fetters

         Brette Tucker

2007 Shawn Kimball  Jonathon Thompson

2008 Robert C. Stetson   Sarah Vigne

2009 Hannah Miller

2012  Alexis Weightman

2013  Isabel McGrory-Klyza



5TFA Performing Arts Award Application Form

5 TOWN FRIENDS OF THE ARTS  25 Main Street  Bristol, VT 05443   FiveTownFOA@gmail.com

We Have Added a Third Scholarship


Each spring the 5-Town Friends of the Arts has the privilege of providing two $750 scholarships to deserving Mt. Abraham seniors, one each in the areas of visual arts and performing arts. In recent years, we have found it challenging to offer only two awards, as more candidates have applied with increasingly strong resumes and backgrounds in the arts. Thus we have set a goal of raising enough money to offer a third $750 scholarship.


We are appealing to the community to help. If you would like to contribute, please send donations to: 5-Town Friends of the Arts, 25 Main Street, Bristol, VT 05443.


"Any amount is helpful - as a school-age scholarship winner myself, I can attest to what an impact this form of recognition and support can make in a young artist's life."   David Gusakov for 5-TFA Board

1992 – Jeremy Boutwell

1993 – Matthew Wood

1994 – Megan Earley

1995 – Jenna Talbott

1996 – Peter Buonincontro

1997 – Elena Peabody

1998 – Amelia Birdsall, Anna Davis

1999 – Caleb Elder

2000 – Jennifer Griggs,  Leah Thibault

2001 – Paul Blakeslee,  Heidi Blodgett, Abby Shepard

2002 – Megan Estey,  Ole Curtis

2003 – Desiree Roberts,  Anna Urban

In 2002 the Sandy Guillikson Art Award was

established for achievement in the visual arts


2002 - Emily Watson-Blagden

2003 - Nina Posdamer

2004 - Josie Sourdiffe

2005 - Emmeline Wilks-Dupoise

2006 - Ike Mulqueen-Duquette   Allison Sleeper

2007 - Lynn Sipsey

2008 - Sarah Vigne

2009 - Jessilyn Dearborn

2012 - Megan Ogden

2013 - Anna Sapienza


Sandy Guillikson Visual Arts Award Application