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5TFA Funding Priorities

5TFA seeks Community Grants proposals that expand the following in the five-town area:

- visual arts education for children, youth, seniors or underserved populations

- visual arts exhibits for the community

- music, dance and theater education for children, youth, seniors or underserved populations

- music, dance, theater and literary arts performances for the community

- public art projects

- special events for the community that commemorate or celebrate historical events or local cultural heritage

- mentorships in the fine and performing arts


Priority will be given to proposals that serve the maximum number of community members in the five-town area. In any given year, 5TFA will seek to fund a group of proposals that serves diverse populations and purposes. We especially encourage applications for programs that will engage preschool and elementary students in the arts.


Some examples of projects funded are:

Mt Abraham Fall Musical:  choreography and video

Robinson Elementary School 3-4 teachers:  to bring local artists/illustrators into classrooms

New Haven Library - for the Swing Peepers to kick off their summer reading program

HUB- to refurbish their murals

Bristol Recreation Dept. - to help sponsor the summer cabaret series

Bristol Elementary School - for microphones for an annual after school drama program for 5th -6th graders

Gateway Players - for their summer production of a Midsummer Night's Dream


Instructions for Applying-PDF

Community Grant Application-PDF

Name of Applicant__________________________________________________________________


Contact information:    e-mail__________________________________________________________


TITLE OF PROJECT___________________________________________________________________

Description of Project (1-2 sentences)____________________________________________________



Proposed start/end dates______________________________________________________________

Target Population____________________________________________________________________

Estimated numbers to be served________________________________________________________

Intended Outcomes (1-2 sentences linked to the Friends of the Arts Mission) _____________________



Amount Requested __________________________________________________________________

Include a 2-4 page (maximum) narrative describing the project and includes the following: whether this is a new, expanded or improved project; specific action steps and timeline related to the project; an overall budget and specific funding request to Friends of the Arts, including other sources of funding and indicating whether funds are already secured or being sought; a brief statement explaining how you will determine the success of the project.

Remember, if granted funding, you have a commitment to provide us with the results, including pictures (with release forms where applicable).





For consideration in March, submit proposals by March 15.

For consideration in October, submit proposals by October 15. 2nd round deadline for 2018 is Nov 16.


Mail three copies of your proposal to:


Community Grants Program

25 Main Street

Bristol, VT 05443


Or email proposal to: FiveTownFOA@gmail.com


Direct any questions about submitting a proposal to:   FiveTownFOA@gmail.com

5TFA Community Grants Program Overview


Five Town Friends of the Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated

to enriching the lives of Bristol, New Haven, Monkton, Starksboro and Lincoln area residents by providing opportunities for all community members to participate in and appreciate the arts and cultural heritage of our region.

5 TOWN FRIENDS OF THE ARTS  25 Main Street  Bristol, VT 05443    FiveTownFOA@gmail.com


To further its mission, 5TFA maintains a Community Grants Program to support fine and performing arts education, fine and performing arts events for the community, and projects or activities designed to promote understanding of and appreciation for our local cultural heritage.

5TFA allocates well over fifty percent of annual proceeds from fundraising to the Community Grants Program. Grant proposals can be submitted by individuals, schools or organizations, and are reviewed on a regular basis in March and October of each year. Grant awards typically range from $250 to $750. Because 5TFA sometimes receives more requests than can be funded, partial funding is often awarded.